What it costs?

No-one likes paying fees. We get it.

But it’s important you understand how we charge for our services and what impact this has on you.

Your first meeting with us will be at our expense.

You can expect to spend about an hour with us. We’ll ask you lots of questions, and at the end of that meeting we’ll be in a position to tell you if we can help you – odds are we can – and give you a sense of the costs involved.

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Our costs will always be explicit, transparent, and disclosed in advance. You’ll get no surprises with Kirwans.


To see the maximum rates of commissions that will not be exceeded, please click below:

You will normally have a choice between having our charges paid from the investment you make, or paying us an explicit fee. We don’t mind which you choose, and our advice will never be swayed by commissions or incentives from product providers. We work for you, not them.

Without knowing you, it’s hard to say what a typical charge is. So here are a couple of case studies to give you an idea. Both are based on real people, though we’ve removed their names – finance is personal, after all.

Commission basis

“I recently received wide-ranging pension advice over the course of a number of meetings with Kirwans. It covered reviewing my pension arrangements from previous jobs, consolidating them and advising a more relevant investment strategy for what I need. They then put in place a new scheme to suit my new job and retirement goals.”

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Fee basis

“I’ve dealt with Kirwans for a number of years now. They insure my house and my business, advise on my pension and investments, as well as my life and illness cover. For all services, Kirwans charge me a fee each year of around €4,500…”

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